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Velvet Scrunchies


Velvet Scrunchies

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My Post.jpg

Velvet Scrunchies

5.00 10.00

Crazy how scrunchies have made a HUGE COMEBACK. I totally remember as a kid wearing them. They are a perfect hair accessory- they’re soft, make the perfect high ponys, and give your buns some volume!

Color Options (left to right):

  1. Garnet (Burgundy)

  2. Morion (Grey)

  3. Olivine (Olive)

  4. Onyx (Black)

  5. Citrine (Yellow)

  6. Sapphire (Blue)

  7. Milky Opal (Cream)

  8. Turquoise (Teal)

  9. Ice (Light Blue)

  10. Amethyst (Purple)

  11. Rose Quartz (Pink)

  12. Ruby (Redish Purple)

  13. White

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