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386 Day Project: Why am I doing it?

Prescilla Fajardo

Over the holidays, I overworked myself like crazy to get orders out & to their recipients safely. After Christmas, I didn’t get a break since we had an anime convention two weeks later. So, once both the holidays and after the convention were over- I didn’t have the motivation or inspiration to create (burnout).

I learned about burnout in a Psychology Class I took a few years back and how it affects the brain and body. I tend to experience it after the holidays or after a long stretch of con prep. It’s frustrating because I get it in my head that I need to make but at the same time am conflicted because I have no will to create.. It’s a vicious mind trick, if you can imagine.

It became halfway into January and I rarely touched my crochet hook. The only thing I honestly got around to making was a baby blanket at that point, which was a great change of pace & now I really want to make more blankets this year..

Don’t get me wrong, the blanket turned out AMAZING but. I still felt a bit out of place because I still wasn’t creating as much as I was use too. Crochet is a great outlet for me and not creating truly made me feel a bit crazy.. Weird how you can be burntout by doing something but want to do it at the same time, huh? Kinda like Art Block, I guess you can say.

The end of January was coming near & throughout the month I continued to do some soul searching. I kept trying to figure out within myself what is it that I want to do and how do I want to better my business in 2019. I did one of those “write down your thoughts” sessions to hash out my goals and the main 3 reoccurring things that I want to work on in 2019 are:

  1. Create more of what I want & get more personal with my business.

  2. Do more shows & share my creativity with others.

  3. Teach more classes, write more patterns, & share my knowledge.

Sounds like great goals to strive for, right? Now, how in the world was I going to achieve this throughout the year? Well, I thought long and hard about it and a “make something everyday” project came to mind. It would get me out of the uninspired rut I was in and at the same time allow me to be creative since “making something” is open to any type of making, not just crochet if I ever choose to add in another craft.

And so, the 365 Project was born! Throughout the year, I will be making something everyday. Whether that be a new crochet project, a felt brooch, maybe even more surprise boxes? Anything really goes! This project has really inspired me to create different items and I have a huge list of possible amigurumi that i could make throughout the year! Sometimes it just takes a bit of thinking and shifting your mindset to get yourself back into the swing of things.

Day 1/365: Matty Mallard

Day 1/365: Matty Mallard

With that, I have also decided to make a watercolor doodle with every original creation I make. Throughout the year, I would like to take every painting and create prints or stickers out of them! I also had the idea of taking them all and turning them into a book along with the patterns for each creation at the end of the 365 days but.. we’ll see!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading this crazy long post! Please let me know what you think about our new project & if you’re interested in a possible pattern book at the end of it all? You can continue to follow our makes throughout the year through Instagram! If you have a suggestion for somthing you’d like to see us make- let us know! We are open to both original and fan art!