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About Yarn Circus


My name is Prescilla and I have been a Yarntortionist for 5ish years. Beside me is my partner in crime, Saul, who also designs products, posts listings, and other business duties.

We love to make kawaii oddities and rarities based on our original doodles (our Cupcake Turtle, Catfish, Donut Cat, and Pajama Pals are to name a few)! Not only that, but you can easily find goodies based on pop culture, video games, and everything else in between! Each item will always be 100% handmade and unique to the customer, no two items will ever be exactly the same, making them rare and so much more special!

Outside of Yarn Circus, we are College Students who are working towards transferring out of our community college. We love food, video games, music, and movies.



Years ago, I was in my Graphic Design class in college where we received a project to create marketing logos & tools for a business. We could pick any business or create our own so, I decided to create my own!

At the time, I was unhappy with the name I had for my little crochet business so, it was a perfect opportunity for me to dig deep and find something that represented me & my business goals fully. I spent days in class trying to land on a meaningful name and one day it just clicked.. Yarn Circus! I sketched up multiple logos, created many packaging drafts, and stationary for the project. Saul chose the colors and our mascot- an Elephant.

I was so in love with it so I made sure no one was using the name. Since then, I have used the title for my business.

Yarn Circus represents the jumble of things you can find here: under the Circus Tent. I love making animals and fan art but, you can find silly & fun creations throughout our store. Catfish, Donut Cats, Cupcake Turtles.. These are just a few items that I’ve created that are based off of drawings in my sketchbooks.

Over the years, I can honestly say that Yarn Circus has brought me so many beautiful opportunities. We get to meet our customers at in-person events, we’ve made tons of friends from across the world, I have begun teaching crochet, and most importantly- every creation that leaves our home brings a new smile to someone’s face.

I really love what I do, and I aim to make the world a little happier- a stitch at a time.

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